8m single mast platform lift

8m single mast platform lift

single mast platform lift


8m single mast platform lift

---8m single mast platform lift is hot sale model of single man lift.
    With 8m work height, 600*600mm platform size. 

---High strength industrial aluminum alloy used enable whole machine
    with light weight and good appearance. 

---Compact structure and universal polyurethane wheels make vertical lift go through
    small openings freely. Mostly used for painting, simple installation and cleaning in hotel,
    supermarket or theatre.

1. Limited switch: The lifter will stop automatically when touch it. 

2. Control panel: control button on platform; control box on ground, which enable user operate lift more freely. 

3. Outrigger: guarantee stability of whole machine when work. 

4. Hydraulic power unit: Lisheng brand, long time service life. 

5. Aluminum alloy profile: make whole machine with light weight. 

6. Double chains: Keep safe. 

7. Locking key switch on control distributor

8. Auxiliary platform lowered device: User can push this button to make lift fall down when meet an emergency.

9. Polyurethane wheel: no damage to the ground floor, suitable for work indoor. 


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